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Repair & Maintenance

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At Trust, we have an entire team of certified and trained technicians dedicated to getting your system working again, regardless of the issue at hand.

Unsurpassed Service

Sometimes, HVAC equipment breaks down unexpectedly and when it does, you need repairs to happen quickly and efficiently. Our team of qualified, trained and experienced local technicians are available for a wide variety of repair and maintenance services. To give you the best possible service, we are constantly staying on top of the latest industry advancements with ongoing education and training

Is Repair or Replacement Right For Me?

When faced with a sudden breakdown, it can be difficult to know whether you should repair or replace your HVAC system. There are a number of factors to consider when making your decision.

Old & Outdated HVAC

It’s natural for outdated systems to begin underperforming as they age and new and more efficient technologies enter the market. The age of your system is just as important, as air conditioners typically last about 10 years before beginning to slow down, while furnaces can last anywhere up to about 20 years.

Repair vs Replacement Cost

It’s important to consider the cost of repair – is it worth it? We recommend opting for a full replacement if your repairs will cost half the price, or more, of a new system. Still not sure? Our technicians can take a look at your system and suggest the best route of choice.

Replacement Incentives

We offer a myriad of cost-reducing rebates for homeowners that are looking to replace their old, outdated HVAC systems with new, more energy-friendly systems. Save hundreds of dollars by choosing models that qualify for HVAC rebates and enjoy the energy savings these new systems provide.

Your Home’s Features

Did you recently upgrade your home with energy efficient windows or brand new insulation? You might not need the most powerful HVAC system we have. On the other hand if your home tends to be drafty, a powerful system will ensure both comfort and convenience. Consider your home’s features, your local climate and buy in proportion to that.


Is your HVAC system kind to the planet? If your energy bills are skyrocketing, your HVAC system is most likely the reason as HVAC makes up more than 50% of your home’s energy use. For a more environmentally friendly, energy-efficient home, go for a system with energy star ratings.

Overall Performance

What is the overall performance of your HVAC system? If you feel your air quality is low, heating up and cooling down is significantly slowed or you have insufficient temperature control, your entire family will benefit from a new system.

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