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Parts & Installation

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At Trust, our certified and expertly trained team of professionals go above and beyond in providing you with the highest standards of customer service. We stand by honest, transparent pricing, superior installation service and an expansive supply of parts that ensure you have everything you need for at-home repairs.

One of our technicians will conduct an in-home consultation during which they will assess the existing state of your old HVAC. This will help us provide you with a fair, accurate price. Our quote is based on your needs, your home’s construction, the surrounding climate and multiple other factors.

Know How to Do It Yourself?

We have individual parts and accessories available for purchase if you want to perform your own maintenance or repairs.

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Product & Installation Estimates

When providing you with an estimate for installation costs, there are multiple factors that we take into account.

Your Home’s Size

The size of your home is a key factor in price. Smaller homes will require proportionately smaller systems while larger homes will require more powerful ones, or even multiple units.

Your Home’s Layout

Your home’s layout matters. Southern-facing rooms will naturally be warmer, while north-facing rooms, colder. This matters when picking a unit that performs how you need it, where you need it.

Your Home’s Age

Older homes have a significantly less-efficient construction and will require models with a high heating and cooling capacity. Newly constructed homes, on the other hand, are well-insulated with modern, high-quality material.

Your Region’s Climate

Households in warmer climates will find value in a great air conditioning system while households located in colder climates probably can’t imagine life without a furnace. Your Trust dealer can guide you in making a smart choice conscious of your region’s weather conditions.

Existing Ductwork

Ductwork plays a key role in how comfortable and efficient your home is. Your Trust dealer will inspect its existing condition and suggest the best route of choice if there is damage, either repair or replacement. This will ensure your HVAC performs at its maximum efficiency potential

Complexity & Added Feature

Price largely depends on the scope and complexity of the project, as well as any additional features you would like to have installed.

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